Wersja do druku

  • Preparing and filling applications of inventions, designs, utility models and trademarks to the Polish Patent Office;
  • Representing parties before the Polish Patent Office;
  • Litigation procedure and appeal procedure before the Polish Patent office and administrative courts;
  • Representing parties in cases regarding industrial property before the Polish Patent Office;
  • Validation of european patents in Poland;
  • Entry into national phase of the PCT application in Poland.
  • Preparing and filling PCT patent application;
  • Preparing and filling international application of trademarks (Madrid Agreement) and international designs (Hague Agreement) to the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  • Representing parties before the WIPO.
  • Preparing and filling patent applications to the European Patent Office;
  • Preparing and filling community trademark (CTM) and community designs (RCD) applications to the OHIM;
  • Representing parties before the European Patent Office and OHIM.
  • Patent research to determine the state of art;
  • Patentability;
  • Supervising and payment of annuities in Poland;
  • Legal opinions and expertises;
  • Drafting agreements, licenses and patent rights transfer agreements.
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